Time theft, especially in an age of booming remote work, is a serious concern for employers.

Time theft’s cost on productivity motivates many companies to explore ways to reduce it.  In a recent case, time theft motivated a company to implement a timekeeping system that clocked employees through their fingerprints instead of the usual

An individual’s background is often evaluated for important decisions.  When our society was smaller and more close-knit, individuals familiar with the interested person’s life and background filled this need.  As our society became larger, however, the need for objective information became greater, and companies began drafting background reports.  Several laws, including the Fair Credit Reporting

Once a lawsuit has been filed, standing is often the first issue that defense counsel will address.  After all, if standing opens the door to the merits of a suit, then counsel is generally tempted to keep that door shut and locked.  A recent case reminds us that standing is always an issue, even when