Dillon Ravikumar

Computer securityThe ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and related Government guidance, requiring social distancing and individuals to work from home where possible, has resulted in many organisations rapidly having to adapt the way in which they operate.

Despite the unprecedented challenges that will need to be faced over the coming weeks, including in many cases significantly reduced resources (both in terms of staff and funds), it is important that organisations do what they can to try to maintain data security protections whilst taking the actions necessary to deal with this crisis. This may include the need to send unusual and sometimes urgent communications to individuals, which can increase the risk of breaching data protection laws.
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EU FlagNow that the GDPR has been in force for nearly two years, the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (“ICO”), along with a number of other EU supervisory authorities, has begun to issue fines to infringing data controllers and processors for failure to adequately act upon their personal data breach notification obligations and protect personal data they handle.

In evaluating the enforcement of data breaches to date, this blog will first consider how the competent supervisory authority is determined, as well as how they investigate and decide on a data breach. We will reflect on the ICO’s role during and after the Brexit transition period, following which we will consider how fines for data breaches have been calculated in the UK. We will also briefly compare the UK approach to the German model.
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The ICO has recently launched a call for views on criminal convictions and offences data, or related security measures, under Article 10 of the GDPR. It is specifically consulting on market practice and understanding in this area.

The Legal Framework

The legal framework surrounding the collection and use of criminal convictions data is complex and in certain sectors, there are additional hurdles to overcome.
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