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Katy is a senior litigation associate at Squire Patton Boggs. She specializes in complex litigation and government investigations to include consumer and privacy litigation and data breach investigations. She first honed her consumer law acumen as a Marine Corps attorney where she was responsible for advising servicemembers about their various rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Truth in Lending Act, the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, and the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. After fourteen years on active duty, Katy transitioned to private practice at Squire Patton Boggs where she now defends global companies in high-stakes litigation and internal investigations.

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Those of you familiar with the area of data privacy already know that the International Association of Privacy Professionals’ (“IAPP”) CIPP/US certification is the global gold standard for privacy professionals and a key industry benchmark.  The CIPP/US designation demonstrates familiarity with U.S. privacy laws and regulations.  Well, CPW is proud to announce that one of

If you are a financial institution, you likely won’t want to miss this FTC All Day Workshop today (Monday, July 13, 2020) because it will be a day full of panelist discussing all things information security and what proposed changes are being discussed.  Namely, “the workshop will continue to focus on some of the issues

According CFPB’s Director, “In April and May, the [CFPB] received approximately 42,400 and 44,100 complaints, respectively—the highest monthly complaint volumes in the Bureau’s history.”  This is something Consumer Privacy World is monitoring closely because an increase in CFPB complaints means lawsuits and statutory changes are not far behind.

Indeed, just this week the U.S. House

A seemingly clear path to a furnisher victory reported in this prior post hits a snag when the district court partly denies the magistrate’s report and recommendation in Hassel v. Centric Bank, No. 1:19-CV-02081, 2020 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 98069 (M.D. Pa. June 4, 2020).  As you may recall, in granting Centric’s motion to dismiss

Part I:  First, Check Your Rear-View Mirror

[M]odern enterprise and invention have, through invasions upon . . . privacy, subjected [people] to mental pain and distress, far greater than could be inflicted by mere bodily injury.”[1]

Legal commentators today commonly characterize data privacy and cybersecurity litigation as a “tidal wave”[2] approaching

In Perkins v. MOHELA, 5:19-cv-01281-FB-HJB (W.D. Texas), Ms. Kanita Perkins sued Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority (“MOHELA”) and a handful of other defendants for violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”).  Ms. Perkins transitioned from the Air Force and chose to attend dental school.  Not cheap.  While applying for financial aid, she learned that