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BREAKING: Supreme Court Unanimously Curbs FTC’s Ability to Obtain Monetary Relief in Court | Consumer Privacy World

Wait, What?! Ninth Circuit Affirms

On February 25, 2021, Plaintiffs’ Motion for preliminary approval of a $92 million settlement was filed in the ongoing multidistrict litigation, In Re: Tiktok, Inc., Consumer Privacy Litigation (Case: 1:20-cv-04699).  Shortly after the filing of the motion, objections were filed regarding the basis and terms of the settlement.  After a hearing on March 3, 2021,

CPW has previously covered the state of play for data scraping litigation in the context of hiQ’s and LinkedIn’s ongoing dispute.  For an update on this litigation, read on below.

As a reminder, data scraping is a mechanism of extracting data from websites (including websites not available to the public and accessible only to individuals

The technology that science fiction promised us has finally arrived, but accompanying it are new duties, liabilities, and causes of action.  Smart homes, or homes interfaced with internet functionality, are growing in popularity.  In a smart home, features like door locks and appliances may be connected to the internet, allowing consumers to remotely control or

It is a reoccurring issue in data privacy litigation—a plaintiff commences litigation challenging applications of new technology and raising various claims concerning decades-old data privacy laws that predated the technology at issue.  Such is the case of recent data scraping litigation, addressed in greater detail below.

What is data scraping?  Good question.  To generalize, it