Data Retention

With rising concerns from consumers about data protection, companies across the nation are doing their utmost to avoid data incidents. As such, the seriousness of allegations that a data breach has occurred, true or not, can potentially lead to lasting damage to an organization’s credibility, leaving many companies to wonder what actions can be taken

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2023 State Privacy Laws: How to Assess and Ensure Readiness by Year-end

Malcolm Dowden and Niloufar Massachi Discuss Vendor

As previously reported, the Federal Communications Commission last month released responses from the 15 major wireless carriers concerning their data retention and privacy practices, particularly with respect to location information.

In doing so, the FCC Chairwoman announced that she had asked the agency’s “Enforcement Bureau to launch a new investigation into mobile carriers’ compliance with FCC rules that require carriers to fully disclose to customers how they are using and sharing geolocation data.”

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