The California Privacy Rights Act (“CPRA”) places significant power in the hands of the California Privacy Protection Agency (“CPPA” or “Agency”) to influence the future of privacy regulation in the United States, including—perhaps most importantly—the authority to issue regulations in twenty-two specific, enumerated areas to achieve the broad objective of “further[ing] the purposes of” the

The Utah Consumer Privacy Act (“UCPA”) was signed into law by Governor Spencer J. Cox yesterday. CPW has been tracking the UCPA’s progress throughout this legislative session.

Effective Date

December 31, 2023.


In comparison to other state laws, the UCPA’s applicability thresholds are more stringent, requiring controllers or processors to meet three prongs:

  1. Do

As CPW has previously covered, Utah is one of several states considering enacting a comprehensive privacy bill this year.  CPW’s Kristin Bryan and Kyle Fath were recently interviewed by Bloomberg Law concerning this development.  The full article is available here.

Kyle commented that “[d]espite the bill’s similarity to the Virginia law and its number